January 4, 2015


I've decided to sew again this year.  It's been a long, long time.  In fact, in the fabric bin, I found cut fabric for an Amy Butler Pouf that I had volunteered to make for a friend's daughter that I never sewed.  I know I made one of these for another friend's daughter in 2011....so I assume it's been that long.  And really the cutting is the hardest part for me.  Well, that's not true.  Properly threading my machine is the hardest part for me.  But once that is right, sewing is the easiest part by far.

Here is my intended list of projects.
1) Shorts & pants for the boys.  Probably seersucker.
2) Valances for boys room
3) Curtain for our bedroom, which has a paned glass door.  But we never actually close the door, so this really doesn't present any problems.  Maybe a curtain for the same door in the guest room which is currently adorned with a shower curtain.
4) Santa bag for Brenden & Holly.
5) Finish the pouf.  The fabric is already cut even if the then baby now preschooler wouldn't be interested in it anymore; someone else might be.  & maybe a pouf for another friend's newborn, thinking Dr. Seuss theme this time.
6) Reupholster desk chair in kitchen.  (technically not a sewing project.)
7) New pillow covers for living room/
8) Heating pillows.  (maybe next year's Christmas gifts.)
9)  Giant floor pillows for the kids to use.
10) Crayon holders for my mommy bag/ purse.
11) A tunic/ pair of pants for myself.
12) Only if all else goes well, a large tote or weekender bag.  This is probably an easy project.  But it will need to be very durable and I don't want to waste pretty fabric on something just because my technique needs to improve.
13) Possibly new comforter covers for the boys.  And possibly valances for their rooms.  I'm still trying to figure out that space.

January 3, 2015

The bins

When I was pregnant with Gerald, I put away clothes that I couldn't wear in Sterlite bins.  I brought them out again when I quickly lost the weight.  But over the year between giving birth to Gerald and being pregnant with Douglas, I gained a lot of it back.  And once I was pregnant the second time, the clothes went back in the bins right away.  Few items have seen the light of day in close to three years.  Today I am the same weight I was when I gave birth to Gerald.  172 lbs.  I'm working on it.  Probably not hard enough.  I eat way to many carbs, love wine, and do not exercise enough.  (Though I'm 100% for 2015 daily workouts.  Please note is the third day of the year and my husband has been off work since the 31st.)

Back to the bins.  I've contemplating selling items to MoxieJean or ThredUP for the boys.   The consignment scene in Selma pales to that in Augusta so I need another venue. I was talking to a friend about whether he wanted any hand me downs for his soon to be born son (who arrived 2 days later!).  And sorting through what I felt good about selling vs hand me downs vs donating vs tossing.  When looking at ThredUP, I saw they also took women's clothes and thought I should look through my bins.  I'm still not sure if I'll go with them.  There are reviews of many designer items being lost when it is determined it didn't meet their quality standards.  Also, my clothes may be too out of date for them since they say don't want to take anything purchased more than 5 years ago, but reviewers also say they send in older things and they do get accepted.
I started with the really old bins.  Not the ones I put clothes in 3 years ago, but the ones I knew had size 6 designer sun dresses in them.  I figured those didn't even fit me right in the chest when I was 125 lbs, I was unlikely to ever wear them again.   Those bins also stored a handful of pairs of size 4 khakis.  I used to wear a size 4?  I really don't remember that.

In the bins from 3 years ago, among an extraordinary number of size M tank tops,  I found my pretty underwear.  They are lacy.  They are cheeky.  Some are thongs.  They are orange and pink and satin.  And seriously?  I cannot imagine putting them on this body.  This is a full coverage briefs body.  Even if I lose the weight, back down to 156 or even mid-twenties weight of 130s, I'm not sure those types of underwear belong on this body.

And that is how my Sterlite bins made me feel very old and sad about my belly.  I decided to toss the underwear instead of put it back in the bin.  If I ever do feel like wearing sexy underwear on a daily basis again, it will be new.  It will cover my bottom.  And it won't make me sad.

June 24, 2013

Jedi Mind Trick

Gerald:  Can I have cwakers?
Rachel:  Do you want a cracker?
Gerald: Ok!

Gerald:  whakjedaghlidankj pool.  osadhnaiewfhe pool.
Rachel: Do you want to go to the pool?
Gerald: Ok!

Gerald: peana budder an jelly sanwich.
Rachel: Peanut butter and jelly sandwich?
Gerald: Ok!

He's got talent.

He's been busy lately.  We removed the side of his crib at the beginning of the month.  The first couple nights, he repeatedly got out of bed.  Robbin stood outside his door and would walk him back to his room.  He would hold his doorknob.  Gerald eventually stopped trying to leave the room and just went to sleep with no trouble.

Then this week he started turning his light on, but staying in the room.  He gathers up things in his room and bringing them in his bed.  Two nights ago, he pulled all his books and puzzles into the bed.  I went in and told him to go to sleep and turned out the light for about the fifth time.  The final time, I unplugged his lamp.  Twenty minutes later I hear a crash and Gerald cry out..  He is wedged underneath the adult sized chair in his room saying very calmly, "My head hurt."  I have no clue what could have possibly  led to him being in this position or what made the crash.  Last night, he got out all of the pajamas from his dresser.  I went into his room and he was crying big tears.  What's wrong?  "It's not the race car."  A red polar fleece of his with a dog sled on it had made its way into the pajama drawer.  Gerald mistook it for his red fleece race car pajamas and was very distraught.  (The race cars ones were in the hamper in the hall.)  There was no consoling him.

He also went back to MDO last week after a month break.  His friend Bowie greeted him with a hug.  At which point his friend Maura came over and hugged Gerald as well and then not so subtly straight armed Bowie out of the hug.  It's nice to know Gerald is well liked.  When I picked him up he excitedly told me he "Sat on the star on the carpet" (during story time) and "walked ????? gym ???? green rope.  green rope.  green rope."  He walked to the gym in line holding the green rope.  This is a big step.  In the young toddlers, they put all the kids in a 6 person stroller to take them to the gym or playground.  Gerald and Maura were too large for the stroller so they got to ride in a red wagon.  But in the 2 year old class., you get to walk in a line holding the green rope.

Also this week, his dinosaur pajamas graduated to being T-rex pajamas.  Good job Dinosaur Train.  He has much more of his books memorized than Robbin or I realized.  This became apparent when he started to recite them, complete with title page and author, at the dinner table.

I really need to work on my phrasing to avoid those Jedi mind tricks.

June 10, 2013

5 mos

Oh my goodness.  It's been a month.  I think Douglas has gained about 3 lbs.  This morning our home scale had him over 17lbs.  He rolls over.  He scoots backwards.  He almost gets up on all fours.  He holds his own bottle.  He grabs with very deliberate purpose.

He enjoys his bouncy jumper more than Gerald ever did.  He really uses it to jump, whereas Gerald like playing with the toys on the rim.  He sleeps fairly well.  He's already playing with the music table (w/o legs).

He still spits up on everything.  He gets AR formula a few times a day to help reduce the spit up, but it doesn't seem to make a big difference.  Our laundry situation is a bit out of control.  We used to be a load a day family and I feel lie it's now a 1.5-2.5 loads a day.  Especially if Robbin is home because he tends to change his clothes as soon as they have spit up on them, while I tend to wait till at least nap time.

Douglas loves Gerald.  Gerald is interested in Douglas.  Gerald is starting to show more attention to Douglas and this thrills my youngest to no end.  Gerald will replace a dropped paci, pat Doug's head and say, "sshh Baby, don't cry,  ssshh.".  And he says this in a very caring way.  Gerald tripped and fell on Doug this weekend (no one was hurt) and Gerald's first reaction was, "I don't hurt baby," with very earnest eyes.

Gerald is teaching me how to parent a 2 year old who likes to test limits.  When we try to talk to him about his misbehavior, even if it is a simple, "You have to listen to Mommy/Daddy."  He will avert his eyes and try to run away from you to play trains or go on a walk or any idea he can come up with to avoid being talked to about what he has done.

He's in a toddler bed now and Robbin has sat outside Gerald's room to put him back in bed for about 4 nights in a row now.   He eventually stops coming out and goes to sleep.  Gerald will not sit through a meal at the dinner table.  He wants to get up and run around or stop and play with his kitchen and then get back to his food when he's ready.  I can't blame him, but he needs to learn to stay at the table until he's excused.  And it's going to be a tough lesson apparently.

Gerald can "read" books to me now.  He says thank you and bless you unprompted. He wants to run to the front of the house to see the "engine" anytime he hears a siren.  He runs around my kitchen saying "I running! I running!  I running!"   He's all  a around pretty great kid.  But he's also 2.  So that is kind of wearing me out these days.  

May 9, 2013

4 mos

Oh my goodness time passes quickly.  I take many photos, but never seem to have to time to upload or edit them.

Doug had only gained 1lb from birth at his 2 mos appointment so we started formula and Zantac. He definitely gaining weight now but we still spend our day covered in spit up.  Soaked.  I see I wrote that he was a good sleeper at 1 month.  I remember that.  I used to have to wake him up to nurse.  Not so much anymore.  He only sleeps about 2-3 hours at any given stretch.  We just transitioned him to the crib in the guest room.  And that really isn't helping anyone sleep more right now.  But we'll get there.  CIO will probably come in some form after the trip to Chicago.

Doug is extremely happy.  He coos.  He smiles.  He laughs.  He watches the world with amazement. When he is really exciting he kicks ones leg over and over again like a horse. He gets upset if there are people around and no one is talking directly to him or smiling at him.  He has an amazingly strong grip, much stronger than his brother's was.  

Gerald is much more interested in Douglas than he used to be.  And it is a little heart breaking how good he is at independent play now that I often cannot do whatever he wants me to because I'm tending to Douglas.  Gerald used to call Doug "noise".  But that only happens occasionally now...and Gerald is certain he is being hilarious.  Gerald likes to read to himself now.  He will close the door to his room and I will find him in the big chair with a book in his lap.  For Baby Bear, Baby Bear, he says the name of the animal on each page.  For One Fish, Two Fish, he says, "Boo fish" for almost every page.

One day I will get the birth story up.  And the photos.  I will.  I will. I will.  But right now I have a tornado of a house to deal with and a baby to tend to.

February 6, 2013

1 month
Douglas will be 1 month old tomorrow.  I cannot believe time has passed so quickly.  And so few hours of sleep have been had since then.  To be fair, it is continuous hours of sleep I'm missing out on.  My mom helped me get lots of naps the 3 weeks of his life.  

Doug is a good sleeper.  So good I had to set alarms to feed him.  He was 8lbs 15oz when we was born.  Then is lost 10% of his body weight so we had to schedule an extra weigh in.  I knew it wasn't going right so I saw a lactation consultant the day after we got out of the hospital .  She gave me good advice.  But I really think it was a matter of being a little too stressed and my world being a little too turned upside down.  Gerald freaking out after not seeing me for a day and half, Robbin being checked out with the flu, etc.  But then he didn't gain enough between that and the 2 week appointment.  Our ped sent me to his favorite lactation consultant.  Again got some good tips, but overall she thought we were doing fine. 
TL;DR Doug sleeps well, but doesn't eat so well.

Gerald calls Douglas noise.  We correct him.  And more often he his calling his brother "brudder" or "Guglassssss".  It's not always negative though.  When he hears Douglas cry from another room, he says "noise" and runs to see if he can help.  When I nurse Douglas, Gerald asks if he's biting me.  He aggressively returns Doug's pacifer should Doug spit it out.

I should write his birth story here.  Just as I should have written Gerald's.  I have a half written version of Gerald's and many many emails recounting it.  I need to assemble them and put down one coherent version.

The short version of  Doug's story is that we induced.  My blood pressure couldn't handle the epidural so i felt everything.  And flu ridden Robbin was banned from the hospital.  

I will update with the full versions of both stories.  I will.  

June 14, 2012

Dallas, again

Ok.  The premiere was awesome.  I didn't get to see episode 2 because my DVR was confused so I wont get to see that until this weekend when it airs again.  After seeing the first episode, I've decided that Rebecca  is a Wentworth.

Also, if the cousin's don't already know about the circumstances of the adoption, I think that will come up.  Maybe Christopher won't be JR's kid.  But he is still Kristen's, so he is still John Ross' cousin through Sue Ellen.

 I realize that none of you who read my blog give a crap about Dallas.  But I need to share.